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Why choose Merchant Navy as a Career?

1. Financial Independence at a young age

2. Excellent pay that is better than most other professions

3. Opportunities to travel all over the world

4. Long vacations which are as per your choosing

5. Not a 9 to 5 desk job

Brief facts about the Merchant Navy

1. The Merchant Navy transports about 96% of goods worldwide and is one of the most important contributors to the economy of nations.

2. There are around 50,000 merchant ships trading worldwide transporting all kinds of cargo. The world fleet is registered in over 150 nations and manned by over a million highly skilled seafarers of virtually every nation.

What is the IMU exam like ?

The standard will generally be that of 10+2 level Go to the IMU website for sample examination papers

What is the selection Process?


Candidate having ITI then joined diploma lateral entry in Marine Eng. (3yrs), whether he is eligible for B.Tech lateral entry?

No, he is not eligible. He should have completed three years of Diploma Course.

For B.Tech lateral whether IMU CET is mandatory?

CET is not required for Lateral Entry

Whether the payment will be refunded if they are not willing to join. Any deduction will be there?

Fees once paid cannot be refunded.

What is the duration of long leave granted in a year?

About one month at the end of every semester (every six months)

Is it Mobile/Laptop allowed inside the campus?

Mobiles are allowed, can be used only before or after class hours, in the hostels. Laptops are allowed, can be used only on the hostels.

Classroom Is AC or Non AC?

Yes, Classrooms are AC

Whether the candidate is allowed in the weekends to go out. What is the procedure?

Students are normally permitted to go out of the campus on Saturday evening, to return on Sunday evening, subject to performance, behavior and undertaking from the parents at the time of joining the course.

How is the career of a Marine Engineer in Merchant Navy better than any other career option?

Machineries on board ships include diesel engines, electrical generators, boilers, turbines, pumps, hydraulic machineries, refrigeration, air conditioning, electrical machineries, electronic equipments, etc, practically a mini city.

Marine Engineers are involved in the running, operation and maintenance of all these machineries on board ships. Since they are in-charge of all the machineries on the ship, they get hands on experience on variety of machineries, which is normally not possible in a shore based industry. Promotions to higher ranks are based on passing examinations and experience. So if you are hard working, you may become a chief engineer of a ship after about seven to ten years of joining a ship as a junior engineer. This kind of promotion and holding high responsibilities in a shore based industry is normally not possible. After completion of this on-board training you appear for an examination (MEO Class IV) conducted by Mercantile Marine Department (MMD), Government of India.

On passing this examination you start working as a fourth engineer on board the ship. You work for one more year and appear for another examination (MEO Class II) conducted by MMD. Passing this examination and added with some more experience on board ship, enables you to become a second engineer. You work for one and half year more and appear for another examination (MEO Class I) conducted by MMD. Passing this examination enables you to become the chief engineer of a ship after a few years of experience.

What if I want to give up sailing in the future after becoming a Captain of a ship? Can I get employment ashore?

There are plenty of jobs available for Captains and Chief engineers ashore in marine related or engineering related fields.

What are the duties of a deck officer on board the ship?

The following are some of the duties and responsibilities of deck officers on board the ship: – Navigate the ship from the bridge in watches (shifts) while at sea – Ensure safety regulations are observed – Co-ordinate cargo loading and discharge operations – supervise the maintenance and upkeep of the ship – Co-ordinate and supervise the activities of the crew – Follow instructions from the captain with regards to ship operations – Maintain accurate and up-to-date records of all activities

What do you mean by a sponsored candidate?

The term sponsored candidate is used for as a candidate who will be sponsored of berth on completion of training and not sponsorship of tuition fees. A candidate who has met all the qualifying criteria; will be sponsored for a sea berth by HIMT. Candidates who are in the course of the selection process will declare themselves as a non-sponsored candidate in the Form A of the IMU entrance exam. These candidates can later declare themselves as a sponsored candidate if they are selected by HIMT.

Do we need IIT rank to qualify, what is the difference in qualifying through IIT ranking and direct joining?

The entrance exam for Merchant navy is conducted by the Indian Maritime University and the exam is called CET – common entrance test which is a test one can take to join any shipping related stream – deck, engine, Naval architecture. This exam is conducted in December and June of each year at around 15 centres all over India. The eligibility criteria for attempting the IMU – CET is as given in IMU website. IIT-JEE exam ranking is used for joining in a 3-year BSc Nautical Science degree course at a Government institute. These institutes are few and seats limite

Sea of Opportunity?

There are various types of ships but the main job of a ship is to transport goods or people from one place to another. Ships are responsible for transporting 96% of goods around the world and is the most important service helping to keep the wheels of the global economy moving smoothly. Shipping is a vital link in world trade and today it is one of the booming sectors of the industry. If you join the merchant navy you could choose to be a navigating officer (also known as a deck officer) or an engineering officer.

How is Merchant Navy better than any other career option?

A student who passes his/her 10+2 exams and takes up any stream for further studies spends at least another 4 years in college before becoming eligible for a job in the particular stream. Whereas a candidate who joins Merchant Navy, has to undergo only 1 year of training at an approved institute and then starts earning whilst doing the onboard training. Moreover the stipend received during the training period itself is higher than the starting salaries in many career streams ashore. At the age of 21 when a normal student graduates from any stream and starts looking for a job, the candidate who has joined Merchant Navy has already completed his/her training and starts working as an officer on board the ship.

Don’t you think the cost of Pre-Sea training is quite high?

You must remember that Pre-Sea training is not subsidized by the government, there are various requirements that have to be considered in order to conduct pre-sea training and the cost of carrying these out is very high and has to be borne by the institute.

What is Pre-Sea Training?

As per stipulations from D.G. Shipping every candidate desirous of joining as an officer or an engineer on ships has to undergo one year of pre-sea training ashore. Pre-sea training can be undertaken in any one of the approved pre-sea training institute across India.

Who should join Merchant Navy?

If you are adventurous person who likes to be outdoors and is not interested in a monotonous 9-5 job, then Merchant Navy is the best career option for you.

Why Join Merchant Navy?

Merchant Navy is a very lucrative career, some of the many attractions of this profession are listed below:- – High income (Tax Free) – Independence and responsibility at a young age – Quick promotions – No expenses whilst on board (High class accommodation and cuisine) – Travel around the globe and experience the world – Adventure – No two days on the ship are the same – Long Vacations – Time to pursue your hobbies – Future opportunities to pursue a career ashore

What is Merchant Navy?

Ships that carry goods, people or render services of a non military nature constitute the merchant navy. Merchant Navy touches every body’s life in one way or other. Material for building a house may have been brought by a bulk carrier, the fuel used in your vehicle was brought by a tanker and fruits in the market from different countries were brought in a refrigerated container carried on a ship.

What is IMU?

The IMU or Indian Maritime University was formed by an Act of Parliament; the headquarters of the University is at Chennai with its campuses at Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Vishakhapatnam. Information about IMU can be obtained from their website

Is correction in eyesight by laser surgery allowed?

Yes, if it corrects your vision to 6/6 without glasses.

When is the Medical Test conducted? Can I get it done from my local doctor?

The Medical Test is conducted after the online test and needs to be done by a DGS approved doctor only. It is preferable that candidates get their screening test done by any doctor, as per standards laid down, to avoid disappointment at a later stage.

Placement record of previous candidates with company name and salary?

About 70 % of candidates have been placed with various Companies

How much salary paid initially?

A certified officer, after obtaining a certificate of competency, sailing as a Third Officer or Fourth Engineer, would earn about 1500 US Dollars per month initially, going up to 12000 US Dollars per month as he moves up to senior positions, after writing more examinations.

Any stipend will be paid during training? How much?

Generally Companies pay a stipend during on board training of about 250 to 500 US Dollars per month, based on CBA norms (Collective Bargaining agreement of shipping companies with Unions)

What are all other companies have been tied up with HIMT?

Students are sent out for placement tests and interviews as requested by Companies. Shipping companies like Synergy, Sanmar, Ocean Sparkle, Pacific International Lines, MOL , ETA and many such companies have appointed our candidates.

Regarding placement for B.Tech/B.Sc. what is the assurance if the candidate does not clear the papers within the stipulated period of time.

He has to clear all arrears within the period allowed by the University, obtain the degree, and only then proceed to sea

Can I visit the countries that the ship arrives without a visa?

In majority of the countries, seafarers are issued a special pass to go ashore when the ship is in port. Some countries such as America, you will need a visa to go ashore.

What are the shore opportunities when I stop sailing?

It depends but if you stop sailing after becoming Master or a Chief Engineer, there will be many opportunities at shore for Marine Superintendent, Technical Superintendent, Manning Superintendent, Vetting Superintendent, etc.

What is the retirement age?

As per Seamen’s Employment Office Order the retirement age of the person from seafaring profession is 60 years. This rule also provided discretion to the Director, Seamen’s Employment Office, to permit employment of seamen over 60 years of age, but not exceeding 65, provided the ship owner accepted the engagement of the seaman and the prescribed medical authority declared him ‘Fit’, prior to engagement.

Will I get the salary when I am not sailing and on leave?

No, you will not be entitled for salary when you are on leave. During the training period the trainees are paid stipend and not salary.

Can we take family on board?

At this stage, top 4 senior officers (Master, C/O, C/E, 2/E) are allowed to carry family onboard.

Despite of high salary structure, why are there so much shortage of officers?

Many of the shipping companies are not investing enough in training cadets and only expecting to employ experienced officers. This is one of the reason for shortage. Other reason could be, more ships built in a very short span of time not taking into account the availability of manpower resulting in acute shortages.

What is the continuous duration of stay on board a ship during the training period?

Duration would be 12 months during training.

What is the maximum number of days a seafarer has to sail on ship

Typically at times the voyage could be up to 30 days or more.

Can anyone leave the job in the Merchant Navy and join later after few years?

Yes it is possible but you will have to ensure your certificates are valid at the time of re-joining and you may also required to undergo some refresher training. In addition there are possibilities that you will be offered demoted rank for a period of time.

When selecting companies what should I look for?

Choosing the right Shipping company is the key: Join a company which provides you – a career path and – has a structured training programme – has a good safety and quality record – has a sizeable fleet of ships to be able to provide continuous employment and varied experience Check out the companies past track record. Stipend remuneration should be your least priority, if you are a well trained officer the money will follow.The period that you , spend on board as a cadet is the time for learning, what knowledge and experience you gain during this period will stand you in good stead as an officer in the later years. The company that provides extensive training is the one you should be looking for.

Are there any shore job opportunities for graduates?

Yes. There are shore based job opportunities in any industry associated with engines, boilers, hydraulic systems or process control machinery. It is not necessary for engineers to join ship after the course. Some students, though small in number, have joined shore jobs as Design / Seismic / Maintenance Engineers or have taken up jobs as Trainee Surveyors. Nautical as well as engineers also have openings in Chartering / Ship Brokerage firms.

Is the placement guaranteed?

Placement assistance provided for all courses.

Are placement interviews done on campus

Yes. Most of the globally renowned shipping companies come to campus for selection of students for both engine and deck sides. Such tests / interviews are normally held between second and third year of the programme. As per our experience, about 90% of eligible students find placements by the time they finish the third year of the programme.

Do I have to sail throughout my life?

No. After 10 to 12 years the Marine Engineer can settle down at shore. A lot of opportunities exist for Marine Engineers

Do I enjoy any tax benefit as a Seafarer?

Yes. If you stay outside India for 182 days in an accounting year (April this year to March next year), you will be treated as a Non-Resident Indian(NRI). In such an event your entire salary is exempted from Income Tax [you do not have to pay any income tax].

When can I become a Chief Engineer of a Ship?

An average intelligent person can pass various Certificates of Competency(COC) examinations and can become Chief Engineer within a short span of 6 to 7 years.

When can I start my career as a Marine Engineer?

On completion of the 4 year degree, one can start his career in Merchant Navy as a Marine Engineer.

Who is awarding the degree?

The degree certificates are awarded by IMU & DG Shipping.

Already I have CDC, whether I can apply for the course?

Yes, If you are eligible for the course, you can apply even if you have CDC.

Are girls also eligible for joining these merchant navy courses?

Yes, girls are eligible for joining the merchant navy but HIMT is not structured to train girl cadets at this moment. This is under review and girl cadets will be trained at HIMT in future.

Do HIMT College candidate also have to appear for the IMU test?

Yes, HIMT College selected candidates will also have to undergo the IMU entrance test.

What are the sports facilities on campus?

The campus offers a variety of outdoor as well as indoor sports facilities.

Can we visit the campus to see the facilities?

Yes. The working hours are 0900 hrs – 1630 hrs from Monday to Friday and 0900 hrs to 1300 hrs on Saturdays. You may visit the campus preferably with prior appointment.

Are students allowed to have their vehicles on campus?

Students are not allowed to keep four / two wheelers on campus.

Is staying in hostel compulsory?

Yes. All the courses are compulsorily residential courses.

Are the courses approved by the government?

Yes. All the courses have the approval of Directorate General of Shipping, Govt. of India.

How can I get educational loan?

HIMT degree courses are eligible for educational loans disbursed by banks. You may approach any bank of your convenience.

How are the fees to be paid?

No cash is accepted. Only payment is acceptable.

I have completed Diploma in Engg., can I apply for the courses in HIMT College?


I have appeared for class X/XII exam this year. The results are not yet declared. Can I still fill up the form?

Yes. You can fill the form leaving the space for class X/XII marks blank. The class X/XII marks are required to be intimated by fax or online as soon as the results are declared. Candidate will become ineligible in case he/she scores less than 60% marks in PCM and the Form fees in such cases will also be non-refundable.