To instill a sense of discipline and develop a positive and conducive attitude, a strict code of conduct is followed in HIMT. The Cadets are handed over a Trainee Diary on their first day of the college and they are encouraged to read, absorb and adhere to the code of conduct spelled out explicitly which form part of Campus rules, parts of which are reproduced below:


It is a fully residential course and hence it is compulsory to stay in the campus. Barring the semester holidays for undergraduate and 1-year courses, the cadets are expected to stay in the campus rest of the time without exceptions. They are allowed shore leave on Sundays, Saturday evenings and on special festivals which are entirely under the discretion of the Management. Overnight shore-leave is not generally granted and leave requests for occasions at homes are also discouraged with the intention of preparing the cadets for a career at sea where one can not get down as per his wish. Parents are advised to take note of the above with respect to leave. Cleaning and maintaining the Hostels including their Academic classrooms are part of the training.


It is expected that the students have 100% attendance both for academic classes and for practical. Attendance is by way of the Bio-Metric system. The record of which is maintained as per statutory rules of IMU and DG Shipping. Medical leave is also not condoned and that would also be accounted as leave of absence. Late reporting, long leave of absence are considered as a deviation/shortcoming and the student would have to spend those extra days in the campus after the completion of the course to complete the requisite time stipulated for training. At the discretion of the Management, some days of absence may be set off against the Sunday shore leave if the reasons are genuine and the student is otherwise well behaved.

Wearing of uniforms, Boiler suits in workshops are part of the training and the students are expected to adhere to this strictly. There are strict restrictions with respect to shaving hair cut, polishing of shoes, clean uniforms, etc and the students are expected to adhere to the same without exceptions.


The campus is a Smoke-free and Alcohol-Free zone. The students would be liable for strict disciplinary action if found in possession of Cigarettes and Liquor whilst entering or within the campus. They are also not permitted to come back in an inebriated state and they would be punished as per the existing rules. Use and/or possession of drugs during the period of training, if proved beyond doubt would lead to expulsion from the college. There would not be any leniency in this regard either in readmission or waiver of fees.


The various dos and donts spelled out in the Trainees diary are to be adhered to by all trainees without exceptions. Whenever there is any infringement, the same is discussed, deliberated and decided transparently by the Court of Honour consisting of Rank Holders from Students, Warden(s), Campus In-charge and the Principal or his nominee. The various penalties, monetary and/or otherwise are also spelled out. These proceedings are recorded and the acknowledgments obtained from all who are part of COH.


The Trainees are encouraged to be part of the team enforcing discipline and also take part in various aspects of the college and be of assistance to the Principal and the Management. They are identified as per their willingness, elected democratically by their classmates and finally approved and ratified by the Principal or his nominee. This is to inculcate a sense of leadership, righteousness, and ownership of responsibility.

RAGGING is an offense under the law. This offense is dealt with as per the provisions of the law. All trainees are expected to sign an affidavit that they would not indulge in ragging as per the Government guidelines.