Caste Based Discrimination Committee

The Prevention of Caste-based Discrimination Committee ensures that no official or faculty member indulge in any kind of discrimination against any community or category of students, faculty or staff members. The objective of the committee is to provide guidance, counselling and resolve issues pertaining to the Caste Based Discrimination at Workplace and to enhance the diversity within the campus. Therefore, sensitizing officials/ faculty members of the campus while dealing with such cases is also the responsibility of the committee.

The activity of the Committee is a time-bound activity and requires actions that would need to be initiated whenever necessary and the reports to be provided to the Principal.

How to lodge Online Complaint for Caste Based Discrimination?

  • Login into your Student Login Click here
  • Click on “For Presea Students”  Menu and select  “Complaint Register” to submit the complaints
  • You will receive an email once submitted.
  • Committee will investigate the discrimination reported and get back to you for more information / details.
  • Once complaint is closed you will receive an email confirmation.